The InteliEnergy Lamp – Yes, it's that Intelligent!

Ready for Any Use 

Rotate the arm, tilt the top, and bring the light to where you need it most. If it's a little too bright, snap on the included shade visor for extra control. For power outages or for locations that never had power in the first place, the InteliEnergy Lamp will help get you through the night.

Powerfully Efficient
The InteliEnergy Lamp’s smart and efficient LED lighting provides the best illumination per dollar of energy — hands down.

With patented power processing, rechargeable batteries, solar panel, long lasting LEDs and durable materials throughout, the InteliEnergy Lamp will reliably light your space and keep your cell phone, tablet, camera and other USB devices powered for daily use.

Reliable as the Sunrise
The InteliEnergy Lamp’s included solar panel provides an on-going, sustained energy source that’s more reliable than standard batteries. Numerous smart features allow the InteliEnergy Lamp to continuously and safely harvest the sun’s energy to charge the lamp for optimal lighting and USB device charging performance.

The lamp's microprocessors auto-sense battery type as they are easily installed, and applies the correct charge sequence. The system never over charges or over depletes the batteries. Status LEDs let you know the current state. The lamp also auto-senses the size and power of a connected solar panel and optimizes charging. Need more power? Additional solar panels can be added for more current on those really dark days, or to provide battery and USB charging at the same time.

InteliEnergy Lamp Lighting Solutions For No-Power Living And Working

Product Certifications
FCC: Part 15 Subpart B Section 15.107 & 15.109 
Canada: ICES-005 Issue 4
CE: EN 55015 (2013), EN 61000-3-2 (2014), EN 61000-3-3 (2013) and EN 61547 (2009)