A few commonly asked questions...

How long does ORDER FULFILLMENT take?

Standard production time is 5-10 business days, plus shipping time. 

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated dynamically based on weight and destination. 

Do I need to put the lamp together myself?

No, we built each lamp custom to your order, each time. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product with care spent on each lamp we make. 

How to hold the lamp?

InteliEnergy Lamp switches utilize the same technology as cell phones to activate the switches; capacitive touch. This assures the ultimate in longevity because there no moving parts and electrical contacts that can wear out. To assure the best performance when batteries are being installed (or power is being plugged in without batteries already being installed), it is important fingers and hands are away from the switches. As a result, hold the lamp by its arm so that hands and fingers are away from the light switches as batteries are being installed or as power it being plugged in.

Which battery gets installed first?

During the installation of the batteries go by the numbers on the battery cover so that the batteries are properly identified.

  • FIRST: Top Battery (Closest to the Arm)
  • SECOND: Middle Battery
  • LAST: Top Battery (Furthest from the Arm)

What type of battery can be used?

InteliEnergy Cordless Lamps adapt to battery type that is being installed. Any battery type in the AA/14500 size package can be used. This includes:

  • NiMH at 1.2V: Rechargeable and recommended for lowest purchase expense
  • NiCad at 1.25V: Rechargeable but not recommended due to obsolescence
  • Alkaline or Lithium at 1.5V: Not rechargeable
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) at 3.2V: Rechargeable and recommended for highest performance, the battery included with your purchase
  • Li-Ion at 3.7V: Rechargeable but not recommended due to less performance.
The lamp automatically identifies the type of battery as they are being installed, and then applies the optimized charge algorithm for that battery type to maximize the overall life of the battery. If non-rechargeable batteries are installed, the lamp will function but the batteries will be charged when power is plugged into the lamp.

How long do the batteries last?

NiMH Batteries: Operate the lamp for approximately 4 hours on High, 9 hours on Medium, and 23 hours on Low

LFP Batteries: Operate the lamp for approximately 4 hours on High, 8 hours on Medium, and 18 hours on Low

Alkaline Batteries: Operate the lamp for approximately 4 hours on High, 9 hours on Medium, and 23 hours on Low

What happens if I put in a battery in backward?

Nothing at all. The battery holders prevent electrical contact of the battery if they are put in incorrectly, so no status lights will come on and nothing will be damaged.

What do the status lights indicate?

InteliEnergy Cordless Lamps provide a lot of information about the function of the lamp through the status lights. In general, the Green status light gives indications about the batteries, and the yellow status light gives indications about the amount of power plugged into the lamp, and the red status light means something is not right or a setting is acknowledged.


Indicates the battery charge level (no power plugged into lamp).

  • SOLID: means the batteries have a charge of 80% or more.
  • MEDIUM: blink means the charge is between 20% to 80%.
  • FAST: blink means the charge is less than 20% and there some urgency to recharging the batteries.


Indicated the power level from wall plug adaptor or solar panel

  • SOLID: means there is full power available from the solar panel or wall plug adaptor. When using the accessroy wall plug with the lamp, the yellow status light will always be solid with the wall plug adaptor is plugged in.
  • MEDIUM: blink means there is limited power from the solar panel (perhaps it is partially in shade). Charging is still occurring but less power is available. The USB port will NOT operate when the yellow status light is blinking.
  • FAST: blink means there is very little power from the solar panel and needs to be moved, or the sun is set too low in the sky. The USB port will NOT operate when the yellow status light is blinking.
  • OFF: means no power is plugged in.


The batteries are either not rechargeable, or there are mixed battery types installed in the lamp (green is solid) or the battery temperature is above 150°F (green is blinking).


If batteries are installed:

  • If the batteries are above the minimum voltage, after 10 minutes of not being use, the lamp will go into a low power mode and will turn off the status light, to not over-deplete the batteries when the lamp is not in use. Touching any one of the four lamp buttons, or plugging in power, will automatically take the lamp out of its low power mode and the status lights will begin functioning again.
  • The batteries have gone below their minimum voltage threshold and need to be charged. Do not take out the batteries, just plug power into the lamp.

    Your InteliEnergy lamp is smart, tough, and reliable, but proper operation is important. For detailed information on how to hold the lamp, selecting and installing batteries properly, the meaning of the status lights, how to set the timer, and how to best use your lamp with the power supply or by adding a solar panel, download the Cordless-Battery Lamp Operation and Support Guide PDF here.

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