About Us

About InteliEnergy
The InteliEnergy Lamp for no-power applications is the latest in a series of InteliEnergy products to be developed and launched by Elevate Technologies. Smart, versatile and reliable, the InteliEnergy Lamp is a design- and function-forward light and energy solution for no-power environments, featuring a high level of engineered Intelligence for functional and reliable operation with sustainable features.

About Elevate Technologies Corporation
Elevating lives through empathy, technology and sustainability.

Elevate Technologies Corporation

At Elevate Technologies Corporation, we see ourselves as a Social Enterprise focusing on a three-tier bottom line: People, Products and Profit. In our work and everyday lives, we strive to:

E L E V A T E  P E O P L E
Give people choice
Give people the ability to save their hard-earned money
Give people the opportunity to live life better

E L E V A T E  P R O D U C T S
Create products that offer new advantages
Create products that aid people
Create a better society by being good stewards of our natural resources

E L E V A T E  P R O F I T
Invest profits in people by creating career opportunities
Invest profits in people by providing opportunity to the traditionally unemployed
Invest profits to invent more products that utilize the sun’s energy
Share profits with likeminded Non-Government Organizations

Elevate Technologies is committed to providing customers with the latest technology, the most reliable products and maintaining the highest levels of service, value and quality. Our products and businesses practices support the protection of valuable global resources, and promote human rights and fair trade practices wherever possible.

We're very proud to partner with other Central California organizations who share our values. Please take some time to learn more about our local partners:

Bitwise Industries — The mothership of technological education, collaboration and innovation in Fresno. 

Neighborhood Thrift — A place where development is a lifestyle. 

NCI Affiliates — Dedicated to providing services that encourage and support individuals with disabilities. See how NCI is working to make a difference here.