The Many Conveniences of the InteliEnergy Lamp

May 29, 2017 John Ellenberger

It’s easy to get caught up in talking about all the technologies at work within the InteliEnergy Lamp, but I wanted to take some time to discuss some of the many user conveniences designed into this impressive LED lighting and USB charging system.

To begin with, the InteliEnergy lamp can be used as a desktop or shelf lamp. It has a small footprint, is light weight, and can be conveniently set almost anywhere it’s needed. The lamp itself features an integrated shelf for holding a mobile phone, and the feet of the lamp are designed to wrap the device cord so it’s neatly and safely out of the way.

Additionally, the lamp can be wall mounted. Choose from a long or short arm, and mount the lamp vertically or horizontally to best light the space. With multiple wall mount adapters, it’s easy to pre-mount and move the lamp to different locations. The lamp’s adjustable shade, arm and snap-on visor allow you to position the light perfectly for any use.

And because the InteliEnergy Lamp is lightweight, tough, and reliable, it can be used as a portable, cordless light that can light your way and be set down when you reach your destination.

On the microprocessor side of the story, the lamp is smart enough to be left plugged into a power source — universal wall adaptor or solar panel —so that it is fully charged, without damaging the batteries. And while a device is charging, feel free to listen to music without depleting the mobile device batteries.

And depending on which InteliEnergy Lamp you choose, a single two-hour timer, or a set of three timers can be used as a convenient reminder, or for security.

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