Power Out? No Problem

March 20, 2017 John Ellenberger

Power outages can happen for many different reasons. Downed power lines, blown transformers, all types of severe weather can cause problems with the power grid. But it’s good to know that when the power goes out, the InteliEnergy Lamp is ready to go on, and can act as a flexible source of illumination as well as a smart USB charging station.

In emergency situations the InteliEnergy Lamp can be hand held and used as a flashlight; it can be set on a table or shelf, or it can be mounted on a wall.

With patented power and device processing, rechargeable batteries, solar panel, long lasting LEDs and durable materials throughout, the InteliEnergy Lamp will reliably light your space and keep your USB devices powered for use when you need them most.

Keep the InteliEnergy Lamp in mind for your emergency preparedness needs.

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