InteliEnergy Lamp for Small-Space Living — Now Shipping

June 26, 2017 John Ellenberger

I’m very proud to announce that we are now manufacturing and shipping the InteliEnergy Lamp for small space living. The lamp is perfect for any situation where an efficient, multi-use light and power source is needed. The system’s LED lighting, rechargeable batters, and solar-panel options make it perfect for a wide range of uses and lifestyles.

Within dorms, apartments and other compact and small living spaces, we’ve seen that there’s a big demand for multi-use, reliable lighting and energy options. 

The InteliEnergy Lamp with its smart charging, is an attractive, very functional and reliable source of illumination and USB device charging — and you can even custom specify color combinations to support your school or favorite sports team!

With patented power processing, rechargeable LFP batteries, long lasting LEDs and durable materials throughout, the InteliEnergy Lamp will reliably light any space and help keep cell phones, tablets, cameras and other USB devices powered for daily use.

I’d like to thank all our partners and everyone at Elevate Technologies Corporation for helping make the launch of this lamp a reality. An amazing level of engineering innovation has gone into this lamp, and early feedback from customers has been very positive and rewarding.

Thank you everyone!

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