A Great Lamp for the Great Outdoors

February 21, 2017 John Ellenberger

Part of my joy in researching and developing technologies for the InteliEnergy Lamp, is in constantly discovering new uses for the product. We originally set out to design a lamp for underdeveloped regions where there was no reliable energy infrastructure, and people needed a source of light in the evenings, and a power source for their USB devices.

When I started explaining to friends and colleagues how the InteliEnergy Lamp works and what it can do, several people quickly made the connection that it’s a great product for recreational use.

The InteliEnergy Lamp with its efficient, smart, solar panel charging, is an excellent source of light and energy for recreational vehicles, tent trailers, truck campers, cabins and much more. The lamp can be handheld and used as a flashlight, set on a table or shelf, or wall mounted for convenient use.

The lamp and solar panel harvest the sun’s energy by day to charge the lamp batteries and USB devices, and then lights your way through the night. For camping and enjoying the great outdoors in many different ways, it makes perfect sense.

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